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Who can travel with us

There are no restrictions for traveling with WE GO except one, you have to be 18+ years old! Most of our cleintel is 18 - 30 years olds, who love to travel with a group and have a good time while doing it. People who travel with us are open-minded and open-hearted, so you will always feel welcome.

If you are participating in extreme sports activities, you should always read the CONDITIONS section, because there is always some health requirements that you‘ll have to meet. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and ready to have fun safely and securely!

We have traveled with people from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Spain (a lot of Spanish travelers), Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, India, China, South Korea, Japan. Everybody is equal and treated as a friend on our tours.

Disabled people? We welcome travellers with disabilities. Our guides and staff are eager to help but of course they only can assist to a certain degree. Disabled people should have  person who accompanies them and knows how to help their friend. Contact us if you have further questions.

Feel free to join our trips and widen your horizons! Everyone is welcome!



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