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The journey starts at night which seems like a perfect ‘buffer‘time because you leave relatively warm Lithuania and wake up in snowy Estonia. It‘s so amazing to open your eyes and see you are in winter wonderland since Estonia is full of forests. The bus arrives at Tallinn‘s D terminal around 7-8 AM and you can reach the old town easily in no longer than 5 minutes on foot. Even though it is not the first time I visit Estonian capital, it‘s still a must for me to enter the old town from Viru gate (Viru värav) and follow the lovely Viru street till it ends at the medieval Town Hall‘s Square (Raekoja plats). Thanks to the early arrival the square is still empty and covered in snow so you are free to enjoy the heart of the city all by yourself.

From this point on you can choose any direction to go away from the square and you will end up at yet another medieval haven. It‘s worth seeing St. Nicholas Church (Niguliste kirik) and neighboring St. Michael‘s Swedish Church (Rootsi Mihkli kirik). Don‘t forget to climb Tallinn‘s legs: Long Leg (Pikk jalg) leads to upper town on Toompea hill where you can find the castle (loss) which houses the Parliament of Estonia, and the famous medieval tower called Tall Herman (Pikk Hermann). The gorgeous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Aleksander Nevski katedraal) is on the opposite side. Remember to watch the time! The ferry to Helsinki won‘t wait if you are late.

After taking a walk in Tallinn‘s old town the 3-hour-long ferry ride might seem a bit boring but fear not! There are plenty of places to go for a snack, to buy some souvenirs, to sit down for a chat or simply enjoy the views of the Baltic Sea. When the shore of Finland appears on the horizon, the magic starts. You can try counting the islets but you will soon find it impossible since there are hundreds of them surrounding the Finnish capital.

When you exit the ferry it is late afternoon. You board the bus to further travel through Finland; remember to enjoy the views around. You will cross the country for approx. 950 km with several quick stops at such famous cities as Lahti, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kemi and Rovaniemi. The journey takes nearly 12 hours and you can use this time for whichever activity you like.

The bus arrives at a village called Kuukiuru early in the morning so you can spend several hours of your free time for unpacking, napping or simply walking around in knee-high snow. Swedish buffet-style breakfast is served around 9 AM. After that everyone is invited forget-to-know activities which are loads of fun. The first day ends with cozy gathering in the main house and watching the sky for possible northern lights.

The next morning starts with amazing Lapland-style sunset which promises the day is going to be awesome. Husky day! Nearby ski resort Pyhä is only 17 km away from Kuukiuru and yet it seems completely different. THERE IS A MOUNTAIN THERE! It’s relatively small compared to Swiss Alps but you’re in Finland, remember. When you arrive to PyhäSafaris, you will have two options: try a husky ride or take some free time and explore the ski resort. I chose the latter and I went straight uphill to catch a glimpse of Lapland from a higher point. It was magnificent – the views you can get are just magical. There’s a chairlift that takes you up to the peak and a visitor centre „Naava“ (Luontokeskus Naava ja matkailuinfo) at the foot of the mountain where you can explore exhibition about the history and culture of Lapland. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to visit the huskies in the afternoon. They are lovely and eager to push their noses into your selfies J The day ends as usual – with a gathering in the main house and sky-watching for northern lights.

Your second day in Lapland is dedicated for snowmobiles. Kuukiuru is located near the river Raudastenpudas which looks like a lake and it’s fully frozen and covered in snow so it’s a perfect place to try out your skills with the snowmobile. If you don’t know how to drive, you can spend this day wandering around or taking multiple saunas to remain warm (remember to not to overdose this ‘drug’ J ). Keep an eye on the sky if you haven’t seen the northern lights yet.

The next day starts with some imaginary butterflies flying in the air because you are going to meet the symbol of Lapland – the reindeer! It’s the fluffiest, the nicest and yet untamed creature. I strongly advise you to try out the reindeer sledge ride because it allows you to feel you’re really in Lapland. If you are lucky, reindeer might even kiss you on the cheek! Again, you can visit„Naava“, walk uphill the Pyhätunturi mountain(if you didn’t on the day before) or buy some local food at the supermarket on your free time.

Your last day in Lapland is for bidding a farewell for Kuukiuru and preparing your wishlist for Santa Claus (Joulupukki) because you are going to Rovaniemi! You can enjoy being a child again because Santa Claus Park is full of joyful activities that makes you think every day is Christmas day. Remember to cross the Arctic Circle landmark (you can also purchase a certificate that proves you really crossed it) and take a picture with Santa Claus, otherwise your friends will still believe he is not real.


The next morning you will realize you are already in Helsinki and Lapland is very far away but don’t be sad, the Finnish capital is full of surprises. Take a stroll in the downtown where you can find the symbol of Helsinki – the Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), pick some souvenirs at the nearby Market Square (Kauppatori) or take a ride on London Eye’s little cousin called SkyWheel. If you’re keen on visiting gorgeous churches, Uspenski Cathedral (Uspenskin katedraali)Rock Church (Temppeliaukion kirkko) and the Chapel of Silence (Kampin kappeli) are definitely worth a visit. Remember the ferry to Tallinn leaves from the West Harbour (Länsisatama) so do not miss it.

Participants of Lapland Trip Gabrielė Liaudanskaitė 




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It is truly amazing to wake up early in the morning with an idea seeded in your head of skydiving. You know that soon you will be falling at 200 km/h from 4000m altitude. When you board the plane you can feel your how your heart begins to beat faster, your body prepares for adrenaline and your senses intensify. Then, some fear creeps up, you start thinking if all the cords are tight, if all the security measures are in place. Adrenaline starts pumping, fear is already gone, you see how the doors open and the first people in the line start jumping out. Then you look out through the window, and all you can see is just small dots on the ground and clouds. You try to remember all the steps that you were taught by your instructor and after few second you are falling! 40 seconds of free fall passes like 10 seconds, because of so many new feelings and experiences and then BOOM, your parachute opens. You feel relaxed and alive like never before in your life. Then you start checking surroundings because you are already in 1500m height, so you can see what is on the ground, the Nemunas river, endless forests and the landing ground. Instructor gives you the straps to pilot your parachute. While controlling it the instructor shows you a few tricks e.g. how to gain speed, and in some points you are flying 5-8 m/s. After few minutes you are almost on the ground. Instructor asks you to prepare for the landing and before you know it you are on the ground. The first thing you want to do is to scream out all the adventure you had in the sky to friends. You just run back to dressing room and then straight to video room, where you check the video which was shot high up in the sky.

Skydiver: Ugnė Gajauskaitė


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