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Our team is always ready to help.

How we can help?

  • We can help to plan your travel route (free).
  • We can offer different sighseeing places than internest (free).
  • We can organize a tours in Lithuania (we can provide routes of interest for free).
  • We can help you to find cheapest way to travel (free).
  • We can give you best travel advices you can get (free)
  • We can help you to find cheapest car/mini bus rental deals (free)
  • We can help you to find short term or long term accomodation (free)

Please note, that we help you with our personal opinion and our personal knowledge. All the help that we give is just a help, we do not ask you choose the route or car we offered, it is just friendly advices.


How to get this kind of help?

You just have to contact us and state your needs or questions.


Who can ask for help?

All the international students who study, live or planing to study or live in Lithuania. We help only international students or international residents in Lithuania because we want to help them to better know Lithuania.




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