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Information for groups

Traveling with the group of friends is always a better choice!

Group travel Group travel
Group travel Group travel


If you would like to travel with a group of friends to some destinations in Lithuania or abroad, we can organize that and offer you competative price.

What we can offer for you:

  • Create a full traveling schedule with the route
  • Transportation
  • Activities while traveling
  • Include best places to visit on the way
  • Excursions in the most interesting cities/places/museums

Contact us for more details and orders



For groups who would like to join our organized trips we offer discounts for the person who gather the group.

Very small group Small group Medium Group
12 - 20 21-30 31-50
One person from the group gets 30% discount One person for the group gets 70% discount One person from the group travel for free

Please note: In order to get these group discounts, please contact us before ordering and send the list of participants in the group.

If you have any more questions or any proposals with the groups, contact us



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