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Soviet Ghost Town

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Everyone who is joining this trip will receive FREE gas mask as a souvenir.

Have you ever wondered how would the world after the apocalypse look like. Did you ever want to walk abandoned streets of a town like a tough survivor in a Hollywood movie? Well, WE GO presents you with such an incredible opportunity. What about a day in an abandoned secret Soviet town. Skrunda-1 is the biggest ghost town in the Baltic States. In the midst of the Soviet economic development Skrunda-
1 had an approximate population of 5000 people. The town was built during the Cold War era and its sole purpose was to facilitate military research and development. Indeed, due to this reason it was a top secret location and no one without necessary security clearance was allowed in. There were state of the art military installations located in this area. It was a home to Soviet Union’s most developed weapons and reconnaissance equipment.

If you are a history nut, or simply want to get a glimpse into what would the world look like after a zombie apocalypse, then you have to join other young adventurers like yourself on a trip organized by WE GO. IMPORTANT: you will not only get a guided tour across this Soviet labyrinth but you will also get FREE TIME to wonder around in Skrunda! How awesome is that? Don’t to get lost though…

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Professional guide who is already familiar with the city.

WE GO will make sure that you will have some souvenirs from this trip

This city will be closed from public from 2017. This is one and last chance to visit it.

Historical site
This site has a lot of history in it and sometimes even compared to Chernobyl or Pripete in Ukraine.

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Deserted streets, town squares, abandoned cinema theaters and hospitals. Sounds like we‘re describing scenes from latest post-apocalyptic movie. However, WE GO knows a place like that in the real world. And we can take you there. If you dear to come, of course.

In Latvia, one of the Baltic states, there is an long forgotten town of Skrunda. It used to be a top secret Soviet military location. Only the personnel with high security clearance could enter this forbidden town. Soviets had their best equipment there during the cold war as Latvia was one of the most Westward countries of the Soviet Union. Now, however, the settlement is completely abandoned. You can only imagine the creepy feeling that you get when you walk around crumbling buildings, wondering what exactly used to go on in this town, how people lived beyond those walls.

What is more, you will not only get an interesting and insightful tour by an energetic guide, but you will be given time to roam free, find your own adventures and later WE GO will have an interactive game with photo orienting organized for the whole group. After that you will be able to by Soviet items in the gift shop.

WE GO gives you a wonderful and unique opportunity to experience this amazing place without having to organize everything yourself! All you’ve got to do is get some friends to come along with you. We will take care of all travel and entrance arrangements.

Traveling with WE GO is super easy and fun. Our crew is youthful and is ready to always show our customers good time. SO contact us to find if we are not fully booked (remember, first come first served) and then we’ll go on this awesome adventure together.

Additional Info

Additional Info

What Trip to Ghost Town Skirunda (Latvia)

Skrunda-1, Latvia 

When 20.10.2018

Vilnius Location | Kaunas Location

What is included
Transportation Ticket Guide
Transport Tickets Profesional Guide



Transportation Secret inscenisation
Soviet history Secret object Inscenisation (actors on spot)






  • 05:45 - DEPARTURE FROM VILNIUS I Gathering in Forum Palace Parking lot. Address is Konstitucijos pr. 26 (Parking lot near the river). Meeting place on map -
  • 06:00 -  Departure from Vilnius.
  • 07:00 - DEPARTURE FROM KAUNAS I Meeting near "Žemyn upe" cafe / close to Kaunas castle. Address is M. Valančiaus g. 24, Kaunas 44269. Meeting place on map
  • 13:00 - 16:00 - guiding + free time in Skrunda 1
  • 16: 00 - 17:00 - interactive game - photo orienting
  • 17:00 - announcing the winners
  • 17:30 - 22:30 - travel back home
  • 22:30 - approximately arrival to Kaunas
  • 24:00 - approximately arrival to Vilnius


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide more information about Skrunda?

It is so awesome that our trip is being talked about across the world! Check out these links:





United Kingdom:




What is the tour language?
Tours are held in English.

Can I explore Skruda by myself?
No, you can not do that. That is against Latvian law. Only groups that are with guide and permission from government can enter the town.


Conditions to participate

The trip will be taking place if a minimum number of 25 people have applied. In case where the excursion has to be cancelled, it will be announced 1 week before the trip and you will be refunded.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: it is obligatory to acquire entrance tickets for Skrunda since Fenruary 2016. Otherwise you will risk paying a fine. Here is the original link in Latvian that explains it all:

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